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New Way Movers is the leader out of state moving company. We are highly rated across the web and receive a high volume of business by word-of-mouth. New Way Movers understands the importance of customer service and we treat each clients move with the attention it deserves. You never have to worry about being lost in the shuffle when choosing us as your Chicago long distance movers. We take great pride in having a consistent service so our clients know they are going to get the value they expect when hiring New Way Movers Chicago.

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How are we able to always deliver in every aspect of our long distance moving service? First, we assign each client a personal move coordinator. This is a much different approach than other Chicago long distance moving companies. Your move coordinator does way more than quote your move. They are all trained on the field as well. This assures you are speaking with someone right that knows and understands more than just how to add some numbers together. Your move coordinator also works on other important logistics to make each clients move affordable, speedy and well worth the money spent. Your move coordinator will also accompany the moving crew to the pick-up to make sure all your needs and expectations are exceeded and as reassurance that you are dealing with the actual moving company. Second, we train all our long distance movers extensively. There is more to moving someones belongings than having the muscles to lift furniture. They have to understand angles to easily maneuver items through doorways and down hallways. They have to know what items are fragile and how to properly label/identify these items and where to load them on the truck. They have to be able to communicate with our clients. We will not send a worker to your home or business that cannot.

We believe our clients should be able to talk to all our movers so they can communicate their concerns, preferences or suggestions to anyone on the move crew not just one guy out of 4. All these aspects play into having a stress-free and claim free move. Third, we stand by what we tell our clients. It is very important as a consumer to have a complete understanding of the service from start to finish. When you decide to do a long distance move there is more to it than loading and unloading. There are logistics involved and it can become very dynamic. New Way Movers know honesty, hard work and dedication by our company and to our clients is the only way to continue to make New Way Movers the fastest growing Chicago long distance moving companies.

All Long Distance Moves Include:

Additional Moving Services Available Include:

  1. White Glove Packing - New Way Movers can assist you with more than just basic furniture prepping. We can also pack your entire house from dished, to linens, to books and more.
  2. Storage - Free storage if available for up to 30 days upon request. New Way Movers long distance moving services also include long term storage solutions. Prices range depending on the size of the shipment and the duration of storage.
  3. Expedited delivery options. Need your items to arrive on or by a certain day? Depending on the distance of your move New Way Movers may be able to rush your delivery.

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